Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Get Spring into our Hearts

I’m driving my family insane listening to this song, “Take Me into the Beautiful.” It’s my spring song. What does spring look like in your part of the globe? Here’s why spring is my favorite season in Turkey:

Spring is a season of hope:

Have you ever lived through a winter that never ended? The weather never got warmer, birds never sang, the trees stayed bare, and flowers never bloomed? No matter how long the winter is, spring always comes!

Spring is physical demonstration of God’s promise to renew us and give us new life.  No matter how long you’ve felt spiritually weary or dead, renewal WILL comeWeeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. (Psalm 30:5) It’s a promise that I love to hold on to.

Spring brings a message of renewal:

Spring is my personal season to seek renewal. Here in Izmir-on-the-Aegean, fruit trees are blossoming in the park next door, yellow dandelions are sprouting up everywhere, and the spring rains are a sign of God’s grace in our lives.  All of these signs in nature put a spring in my step and spur me on to pursue God, to seek him for renewal. Hosea 6:4 says it perfectly:

“Oh, that we might know the Lord!
Let us press on to know him.
He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn
Or the coming of rains in early spring.”

A few weeks ago, I talked with a group of 5 other cross-cultural workers, all women, and we agreed that spiritual dryness is a part of the ebb and flow of our lives. It happens to everyone. These were some reasons they gave: being tired or over-committed, the day-in day-out stress of caring for children, and discouragement over what looks like little fruit in the Middle East.

Yet God promises to rejuvenate us if we seek Him.  I asked the same group of women what they do to seek 
spiritual refreshment, and here’s what they said:  

  • Spend time talking with a friend you enjoy and can trust

  • Listen to worship music
It brings life to boring household chores and calm to that witching hour when you’re trying to juggle cranky kids with making dinner.

  • Get outside

  • Listen to scripture
One busy mother of three mentioned that she listens to the Word while breastfeeding.

  • Pray with another person
Another friend says she has her quiet time with her husband because alone she just falls asleep!  

  • Listen to a message or read a Christian book

  • Try something new in your quiet time.  (My personal favorite)

I hope and pray that you’ll experience new life and renewed hope from God this Easter. Is there anything you like to do in your quiet time to change things up a bit when you feel yourself getting into a rut?


us5 said...

it's Filipino summer here; exhaustingly hot, humid, and dusty. i find myself feeling physically drained and thirsty, and whenever someone stops by my place, i try to offer a cold glass of water.

spiritually, i find myself looking for water too - refreshment from the Word, and for ways to share it with others who are thirsty. so i've been taking special verses and doodling them, adding some fun artwork, and then sharing them with others. it's a way to spread His grace, and refresh my soul too. ♥

OliveTree said...

That is a great idea, Barbara. I used to do that kind of thing too, make cards. Maybe I will try it again.

TJ said...

I am not a dancer but sometimes I like to dance as I listen and sing worship music.

OliveTree said...

Love that idea, TJ! A friend of mine used to do that. I do once in a while...especially with my daughter!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Hi Olive! It was so nice meeting you at the birthday breakfast last Saturday! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it! Thanks so much for sharing and being such an encouragement!! So nice to have finally met you in person instead of just reading your blog and never commenting ;) I'll try to do better :)

OliveTree said...

Hey Charity! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed meeting you too and hope we can get together sometime soon!