About Me

When I moved to the Middle East 10 years ago, I came with 17 suitcases. Travelling with so much luggage forced my husband into the role of superman, and I often joke about that trip saying that if he’d wanted a lower maintenance woman, he should have married someone else!

I consider overseas living a privilege and a gift, but it does have its frustrations. Despite the challenges, I’m thrilled on most days to be able to live out my God-given dreams.

I’m passionate about:

  • My relationship with God and cultivating my spiritual life.
  • Encouraging others to know God better
  • Sharing God’s love with Middle Eastern Women.
  • Seeing them realize how valuable and loved they are.

I love:

  • Homeschooling and learning
  • Reading and writing
  • Drinking coffee
  • Playing board games
  • Making new friends and spending time with old ones
  • Cooking and inviting people to my home
  • Traveling

More about me:

As a child I was fascinated by other cultures and countries. I left the USA headed for Istanbul when I was 24 years old, sure that I would spend the rest of my life in Turkey. God had some surprises for me, including 2 years in Costa Rica and marriage to a wonderful Salvadoran man. I lived the life of a Latin woman in El Salvador for five years and had two babies, fully expecting to spend the rest of my life there. I was surprised when I ended up back in Turkey with my family 10 years ago! 

Aside from homeschooling my children, my ministry interests and involvement have included leading small groups and encouraging younger women. Right now my husband and I are involved in starting a new fellowship.  

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