Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Do What You Can" Summer

What is summer like in your corner of the globe?  Here in our Aegean home, summer’s all about a laid back, slower pace.   Ramadan started this week, so many friends and neighbors will be lying low during the hot afternoons while they fast long hours from food and water.  

I’m taking advantage of extra free time to start a new project. In a few weeks, I’ll start a new blog, and I’m already excited about it.  Change and variety add spice to my life, so I decided to try a new angle on blogging.

"Do What You Can Plan"   

One thing that’s encouraging me to make time for a new project is Holly Gerth’s Do What You Can Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better.  Holly’s book is great encouragement for taking baby steps towards big dreams that seem out of reach. My ultimate dream is writing a book, but for right now, blogging seems like a more attainable goal for this home schooling, church planting mom. 

Meant to be read over 21 days, the book has a short devotional reading and an application point for each day.  Holly talks about starting small, doing what you can each day, and not waiting for the perfect time to start!

I have other summer projects that aren’t so exciting, like de-cluttering and organizing closets and drawers, but I’m trying to set aside some time each day to work on my new writing project. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 

How about you? 

Do you have any summer projects that you’re working on?  Any dreams you wish you had time for? I’d love to hear how you’re spending your summer.


TJ said...

Summer here is also more laid back especially with Ramadan. I had three goals for summer. 1. move 2. For my foot to get healed and walk normally. 3. work on language. So I am done with 1. Half way done with 2 and trying to stay disciplines with 3. Many blessings on your writing.

Kris Thede said...

Well campus is very busy this month with 4 weeks of conference in the month of July-first of Aug. Finishing up our last 4 weeks of school as well before heading to the USA on Aug. 6-7th. If all goes well Aug. 8th will be spend finishing up the last bits of paperwork for our adoption dossier. So right now I'm in sprint mode! Oh we also have a medical student coming to visit for the last 2 weeks, she will fly out with us. Glad you're getting some down time..

OliveTree said...

Wow, Kris, it does sound like you're in sprint mode. May God give you lots of grace and strength. Hope you'll have some resting times around the corner.

T.J., I hope your foot continues to heal. And even after moving, I bet you still have a lot to do...

us5 said...

i look forward to seeing your new blog! :)

i spent the first 1/2 of summer producing Scripture engagement materials (fun, but time consuming!)

and i feel like i'm spending the second 1/2 gearing up for the new homeschool year. :( why is it taking me so long to get it all together?

i hoped to spend more 'fun' time with our kids this summer, and it's slipped by...but there are still a couple of weeks left to redeem!