Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't Leave Your Kids Behind

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When my husband and I got on a plane to move to the Middle East ten years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving our kids behind.

I remember my 5 year old son’s reaction to Friday noon prayers as we passed by a mosque during our first month here. Hearing Arabic prayers belting out over loudspeakers and seeing rows of men bowed over prayer rugs galvanized him.  He grabbed my arm and yelled, “Mom, what are they doing? What’s that sound?”

I did a guest post this week for a new blogging friend, and here it is.  Missional Mama is a great resource for homeschooling mothers who are overseas.

Have a great week!


Linda said...

I love this blog post. I needed it (especially in relation to my grandkids).

I hope you are OK in light of the earthquake. I'm praying for you!


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

headed to Missional Mama to read the rest. . . God bless!

us5 said...

thanks for reminding us of the wonderful ways God can bless our children as we invite them to take part in His work with us!

OliveTree said...

Thanks for your encouragement, friends. We are fine, Linda, very far from the earthquake, but saddened by so much loss on the other side of the country...

Linda said...

Thanks SO much for letting me know you're OK. I've been praying so much for those in the earthquake area, and I can't tell you how many times you have come to mind. I thank God you are OK.


Columba Lisa said...

I read your wonderful post over at Missouri Mama! Praying for Turkey's recovery from this terrible earthquake. I'm not sure how far it was from where you live.

OliveTree said...

Thanks for praying for our nation in the aftermath of this earthquake, friends. We are fine, quite far away, but saddened by the loss of life and the trauma to so many living.