Saturday, April 2, 2011

Can God Really Use Me?

Do you ever doubt that God can really use you?  Sometimes I ask myself, “Who am I?”  Can God really use me?” 

 Last weekend my 11 year old daughter taught me a lesson. Camille came bounding in the door.  Her face was beaming and her eyes were shining.

Camille (on the left) with a local friend.

 “Mom, I got to share the gospel with the kids downstairs!”

 “Wow, that’s great,” I said.  “How did that happen?”

“I just felt maybe the Holy Spirit was showing me to take my Bible downstairs and talk to my friends in the park,” she explained, “so I put my Bible in my book bag, but for some reason I sat down to use the computer instead. Then in a little while Dad came and said, ‘Camille, all of your friends are downstairs,’ and I knew it was God speaking to me.  So I turned off the computer, and before I went downstairs I read my Bible a bit and prayed and asked God to help me. 

“I went downstairs and got out my Bible and just started reading it in the park. Pretty soon the kids came up, and they started telling scary stories, so when it was my turn, I told them the story of the end times from the book of Revelation.

“They asked to see my Bible, and they read from it a little bit. They asked me what Christians believe, so I told them how Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead.

“They said, ‘That can’t be true.  That’s just a made up story. We all know that the Bible’s been changed.’

“But I asked them to show me where the Bible was changed. When was the Bible changed?  How was it changed?  They couldn’t answer.”

“Oh Mom, I’m so happy,” she said, and she hugged me, jumping with excitement.  “Just think.  None of my friends had ever even heard about Jesus, and I got to share with them.”

Camille didn’t care if her friends believed her or not; she was happy to have the chance to share the good news.  I was surprised that she was able to respond to the Muslim claim that the Bible has been changed.  She remembered this from a DVD about sharing the gospel with our friends that she watched when she was 9.

Seeing my daughter’s joy brought a smile to my face, and the following thoughts came to mind:
  1. No one’s too young or too inexperienced to be used by God
  2. No earth shaking strategies are needed. Just willing hearts.
  3. God will work even through small steps we take.
  4. Serving the Lord brings joy, regardless of people’s response to our ministry.
  5. If God can use my 11 year old daughter, He will certainly use me.

Isn't it great that God teaches us things through our own children?


Columba Lisa Smith said...

Hallelujah! What a wonderful post, Betsy! Thank you for sharing that.

OliveTree said...

Thanks Lisa. Hallelujah is what I said after my daughter shared this with me.

Stephanie said...

Having lived in Turkey... and loved, still love, the Turkish people so much--- I was deeply moved by this post and others on your blog. Bless you in this adventure!!
Missing Turkish food with a vengeance ~ Stephanie